Friday, September 3, 2010

it's early ... but i made it anyways!

i've been designing so many holiday cards lately it has inspired me to work on my own. i am really getting an early start this year! last years card was such a hassle, we had back to back scheduling problems with the photographer ... so this year i went with simple silhouettes. my daughter cailyn looks too cute! i also decided to go with a holiday postcard instead of an envelope card ... saves some money (4 x 6 postcard only cost 28 cents to mail ... believe it!) can't wait to get these printed ... i am sure i'll make minor tweaks to it till then, but for now i am ahead of the game.

i was thinking about doing the postage ... the only problem is that you can only get them printed with 44 cent postage :/ ... what to do?

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