Monday, June 14, 2010

moving forward ...

so in recent weeks following my internship with flights of fancy, i've tried to narrow down what it is i would a. like to do with my design and b. what i would like to do with my blog. first of all i know i still need to grow as a designer and one of the best ways for me to do that is get a JOB. so i am currently working on putting together a design portfolio and i think i might start applying for design jobs mid october. the second thing is my blog, i've never actually been consistent with my post ... i will try harder ... and as for content i am going to focus on all things simple, especially weddings.

during my internship with flights of fancy i learned how to create gorgeous color boards, now i think i am going to use that skill to create something of my own. inspiring guides, it will be a collection of images that will hopefully inspire brides to be ... along with inspiring me to design. i am hoping to have inspiring boards to correspond with my wedding line (which is a work in progress).

row_1 - martha stewart weddings | fashion gone rogue via haute design
row_2 - sara gray via wedding chicks | any & stuart via snippet & ink | kiss the groom

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