Thursday, March 25, 2010

DIY - bag tags

here it is my first DIY project post. i hope you find them cute and easy to make! {make sure to save your secure envelopes you get in the mail ... you're going to need them}

materials: things you'll need
a_ek-success punch b_martha stewart circle punch 1" diameter c_construction paper 5"x7" d_ruler e_glue stick f_ x-acto knife g_hole punch h_envelopes-ones with the secure pattern in them.

step one: divide your secure envelope in half along it's crease.
step two: cut out as many 2"x 3.5" rectangles ... i usually get 4 - 5 rectangles per envelope. then use your martha stewart circle punch along one side of the rectangle. {the short side}
step three: glue your rectangles to the 5"x 7" construction paper. only 4 rectangle will fit.
step four: this picture just shows that i am not perfect at cutting 2"x 3.5" rectangles ... no big deal.
step five: re-cut the rectangles out ... i usually just eye ball it.
step six: use your hole punch and punch a hole on one end of the tag.
step seven: i general use whatever ribbon i have available to attach to the tag. {the picture shows twine} cut the ribbon around 10 inches long and tie at one end.
step eight: loop ribbon through the tags hole so that it wraps around its self.
step nine: you can also use the ek-success punch on the other end of the tag to give it more decoration.

well i hope that was easy ... let me know your thoughts on my little DIY project by leaving a comment.

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